A Hobby turned into a Lifestyle is called a Passion– about the author

I love languages and different cultures and I spend a lot of time thinking about them.  It hasn’t always been this way.  I grew in the middle of North America, and in towns where it was considered exotic to be Mexican or Jewish.  I plodded faithfully through high school Spanish, thinking it was quite neat but not really sure how to study it effectively.  During Boy Scouts, I was happy to get my “Citizen of the World” merit badge but nobody really told me that merit badges could be turned into careers.  In a way, Boy Scouts led me to the U.S. Army.  There I finally had some exposure to international travel, foreign languages, and other cultures.  I was fortunate enough to learn Russian full time.  Eventually, I worked for quite a bit as a finance officer before getting my big break into international affairs.  I learned Ukrainian and lived in Kyiv, Ukraine for a year while traveling the former Soviet Union.  This was the life!  I have a tremendous respect for those that immerse themselves in a foreign culture and language as a result and I want to help them in any humble way I can.  What I have found is that there is a considerable demand for English around the world, especially among working professionals who want a better career.  This is primarily who I write for, but it is also for anyone who wants to discuss better techniques, communication, and the things that people everywhere find fun.  I hope you enjoy my dispatches as I again navigate the wilds of North America and beyond.  Let me know what you think!