Efficient Yet Painful Learning— That is What Makes the Fun Stuff Possible

Thanks for your interest!  Language learning can be difficult.  However, there is an amazing bliss that follows from being clearly understood and making new friends.  My philosophy is that it really takes a fair amount of unpleasant, deliberate practice to be able to communicate and interact in a pleasant way.  This means purposeful daily practice with the feedback of a coach.  I’m that coach for a lot of people.  The human brain has a tremendous capacity to avoid suffering.  What I want to do is help you better use what we know about the brain to gain a deep understanding of your target language.

. “I had never heard real Portuguese; I only had this teacher who talked very slowly and clearly.  So here are these two guys talking a blue streak, brrrr-a-ta, brrrr-a-ta, and I can’t even hear the word for “I” or the word for “the” or anything.”                     — Richard Feynman  (this man was a brilliant physicist and language still gave him fits)

blue electric sparks
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


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