An International Conspiracy

It may be a good idea to find international partners in your quest to learn a foreign language.  Not necessarily native speakers, although those persons are vital.  Find people from other countries and cultures who are attempting to learn the same language.  This is much easier in the Internet age, as several forums, groups and web pages exist that have an international membership.

There are a few reasons why this is a good idea.  First, you will gain insights from people who clearly have a different basis for learning other languages.  Perhaps the person already reads right to left and necessarily has to learn to read left to right.  They may be unfamiliar with latin letters.  This is a golden opportunity for you, assuming that you are more familiar with the same, to teach them.  When you teach something, you understand it better.  Second, the person comes from a different culture.  They may have wildly different perceptions about things as mundane as umbrellas or armadillos.  I actually know a person that, upon sighting his first armadillo, mistook it for a dinosaur.  Regardless, always be kind and rest ensured a clash of cultures means that hilarity will ensue. Learning becomes fun.  Third, you are going to expand your horizons beyond your own culture and gains some pretty interesting stories to tell your friends and your English teacher.  If you can talk about the yurts of Central Asia to your English speaking chums in English, I guarantee that they will be impressed.

Start your search today.  Facebook is present almost anywhere and offers a great selection of groups to choose from.  A group with a large membership that learns English include the Learn English page based out of Australia and the BBC page Learning English page.  A more convivial and fun approach could be the site called English is Fun, or the more quirky Polyglot First World Problems.

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