Different Ways to Express Cold in English

Today is freaking, fudging, fracking cold in the United States.  It is colder than a witch’s heart.  It is absolutely freezing.  The wind is bracing and biting.  The streets are frozen and uninviting.  The brumal weather is brutal and frightening.  It was so cold that that moose were seen walking around the neighborhood, and we live in Miami.

It is stinging and sharp without being sleety.  It also definitely raw and wintry.  However, it is not so rimy  [rahy-mee] as freezing to me.  Rimy is actually frozen water droplets such as on trees and grass.  “Frost covered” is another way to describe the day.

I owe many thanks to the Outdoor Swimming Society for the outstanding adjectives.  A great way to deal with foul weather, such as unbearable cold, is with good humor.  The more words you know, the more jokes you can make.

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